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Today, Caralb releases its new visual corporative identity. The new Brand has left a part the CM acronym and made a commitment to Caralb, our unique and personal name by which we are known and with whom we have worked our reputation.

Caralb, our verbal identity, is written with low cases because it works like a word, a container of values and philosophy. A solid but close brand, made by people dedicated to serving our customers, who are our engine.

The icon that accompanies us reflects our commitment to make the impossible easy: collect the problems of our customers and return them as a solution. The organic forms, which make reference to the waves, end up being geometry, responding to a harmonic rhythm, being part in a world that demands efficiency and methodology.

The brand, which works with greens and blues, collects the range of colours of our context: the Earth and the Sea. We are a Shipping Agency, we have full knowledge of the sector, and that is what we are showing.

Our new visual brand identity will be gradually implemented and will match with the opening of our new main office in Tarragona.

Our new address from 1st of July 2016 will be:

Vidal y Barraquer 27A
43005 Tarragona

Please, update your records accordingly. Contacts, phone numbers, fax and emails will remain the same.

Thank you for your trust!


Cesar Estevez Ferrer


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