The 2016 Short Sea European Conference organizer is the Spanish Promotion Association of Short Term Maritime Transport (Associación Española de Promoción del Transporte Marítimo de Corta Distancia).

It will be the first time that the conference will be host by the Port of Barcerlona. The event is the most relevant in the TMCD sector as it was announced by Beatriz Spuch (from SPC-Spain) and Ana Arévalo (from the Port of Barcelona)past week in the previous Short Sea European Conference, in Copenhagen.

The (ESN) (hold the 22 European Short Sea Promotions Centres countries) celebrates every year this conference, which next year will be organized by SPC-Spain with the Port of Barcelona support. Port Barcelona is a member of the executive board since 2010 such as Grimaldi, GNV, Flota Suardíaz and Neptune Lines.

The meeting will allow to share and update the developments and trends of the Short Sea Shipping (SSS), and to get in touch with counterparts and different sectorial agents.


The SSS (Short Sea Shipping), it’s the movement of goods and passengers between ports situated within the territory of the EU or between ports situated in non-European countries but with lines coasts around Europe, such as North Africa.

Collaborative projects were the objective is to have every service completely integrated in the intermodal logistics chains. The coordination is necessary for the success of the project.